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Introduction to AlgoMe

Boost your company brand, connect with new clients and partners, and lead industry debates in Investment Management, Asset Management and FinTech with AlgoMe Community.

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AlgoMe is a business community for Asset Management, Investment Management and the wider Financial Services industry. Professionals join this community for a range of benefits such as mentoring, networking and finding a new role. This creates a rich environment for the best talent in the market which your company can access.

The AlgoMe platform provides companies access to a broad talent pool including hard to reach ‘passive candidates’ who are unlikely to register with conventional recruitment firms or job boards.

AlgoMe fully embraces the business benefits of diversity in the workplace and is able to provide matches of individuals both within and outside the Investment and Asset Management industry as well as those considering returning to work or flexible opportunities.

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Why use AlgoMe?

Ease of deployment
AlgoMe operates securely ‘outside’ the organisation removing the need for integrating with existing systems and technologies. Set-up time and costs are minimal and AlgoMe adds an alternative route to market in addition to sourcing candidates through recruitment firms, employee referrals or directly through the companies’ own website. From a workflow perspective, matched candidates can fold into the established company recruitment process to bring operational efficiencies rather the challenges of managing a parallel candidate process.
Reduced costs
Our innovative technology creates cost savings across the recruitment process as it makes finding a suitable candidate much easier and faster. AlgoMe benefits companies by helping you find suitable professionals for your available roles in a fast and efficient manner. Your vacancy will be matched against profiles on the platform giving you a percentage score as a measure.
Direct communication with professionals

Once a match has been made, companies can use AlgoMail to communicate directly with the individual. Alternatively, there is complete flexibility for the company to agree with the individual to transition communication to their own Applicant Tracking System or email.

Direct access to talent
Companies use the innovative AlgoMe platform to share job opportunities from their organisations and discover the right person to match their needs all in one place. The algorithms are designed to focus on skills to identify specialisms rather than just searching a CV of experience. Companies can decide who has access to AlgoMe, this could be HR or more broadly across the organisation
AlgoMe is different from other networks or job sites in giving professionals direct control of when and with whom their details are shared, and there is no public viewing platform for profiles. The ‘private’ design feature of AlgoMe ensures a discretion and therefore appeals to individuals to want control at each step. Confidentiality of individuals personal data is of paramount importance too.
We believe in a culture of inclusion and diversity within our company, the companies we work with, as well as the society we live in. The use of algorithms to search and identify relevant candidates to match directly with companies will reduce bias in the overall process, which often stands in the way of achieving inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

What they say about us

A small selection of nice things people have said about us

Being a mentor through AlgoMe has been a rewarding challenge that has helped me to reconsider my own experience and knowledge.

Patrick, Banking professional

I’ve built up a great relationship with the mentor I was matched to through AlgoMe and she is really helping me to push my career in new directions.

Andy, Digital Consultant

AlgoMe matched me to my current job and I really appreciated speaking to the company directly rather than going through a recruitment agent.

Sarah, Risk Analyst