FAQ for companies

How can my company benefit from AlgoMe Community?

AlgoMe Community is the first dedicated hub for the Asset Management industry with a mission to become the ‘go to’ resource for thought leadership and discussion.  

AlgoMe Community provides brand visibility and the opportunity to publish your own content, demonstrating your expertise to the member community.

How can my company benefit from AlgoMe Careers?

AlgoMe Careers uses advanced algorithms to offer professionals within asset, investment management and related professionals access to exciting job opportunities and other career management tools, and companies access to an alternative and skilled pool of talent.

Companies use AlgoMe Careers alongside traditional recruitment methods as a complementary route to talent, in particular by providing access to ‘passive candidates’ who may not typically register with recruitment firms or job boards.

Our algorithmic based matching can also support your Diversity & Inclusion agenda and give access to candidates with relevant experience and skills from outside of investment management, as well as those considering returning to work or looking for flexible opportunities.

How does AlgoMe Careers work?
After providing details of your vacancy and desired candidate profile, our proprietary algorithm searches the AlgoMe community to find suitable professionals based on our unique skills framework.

Once the candidate and your company have accepted a match, you can communicate directly with the professional through AlgoMail (our internal messaging service) or via email/phone. The interview and assessment can then be managed via your standard internal processes and systems.

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How much does it cost?

Our fixed pricing structure makes AlgoMe Careers cost effective in comparison to traditional recruitment approaches and there are no charges until a matched candidate successfully takes up a role.

How easy is it to get started?

AlgoMe Careers has been designed from the ground up to be simple and intuitive, and you will quickly be ready to start matching new talent. Once onboarded, our team will support you with the job posting process, ensuring that AlgoMe Careers can be integrated with your existing recruitment workflows with minimal effort.

As the AlgoMe Careers platform operates securely ‘outside’ the organisation, it also removes the need for any expensive and time-consuming integration with existing systems and technologies.

Can AlgoMe also be used to fill contract or flexible roles?
Absolutely, our algorithms will take this into account when proposing suitable candidates for your vacancies.
How do you ensure good matches?
A combination of an intuitive, guided registration process for professionals, our proprietary skills framework and matching algorithms, and manual validation and screening by experienced members of the AlgoMe team ensure that only the best matches are proposed for each vacancy.
What happens if there are no suitable candidates?
Our algorithms run on a daily basis and will continue to search for new candidates from our growing community until you notify us that a vacancy is filled.
What’s next for AlgoMe?
Our goal is to build a dynamic community where professionals can develop their careers though networking, mentoring and by finding roles that will help each member fulfil their individual career aspirations.

We have plans to develop a number of exciting features and partnerships to grow the AlgoMe community and our proprietary algorithms are constantly evolving to ensure that we will always propose the best candidates for your company’s needs.