FAQ for professionals


How do I find a new job with AlgoMe?

AlgoMe Careers does not operate like a typical recruitment agent or job board. Once you have set up your professional profile and indicated that you are interested in receiving job matches, our algorithms run regularly to match you with jobs that are aligned to your experience, skills and career aspirations.

Once you have matches you will see details of proposed jobs in the AlgoMe portal. Your details will only be shared with the employer once you have accepted a job match, after which the hiring manager will decide whether to also accept the match and progress you to interviews. If so the company will contact you directly to arrange an interview, either via AlgoMail (our internal messaging service) or via the contact details on your profile. The interview process is managed directly with the employer outside of AlgoMe.

As part of the matching process a member of the AlgoMe team may need to speak to you to help ensure that you only receive the most appropriate jobs.

What types of jobs are available on the platform?
We are working with companies across the asset management and investment management industries to make the most exciting job opportunities available to our members. These cover various product and functional specialisms and at levels of experience suitable from those beginning their careers to those looking for senior management positions.

The platform will also take into account whether you have a preference for permanent, contract or consultancy roles and whether you are looking for flexible working or relocation opportunities. You can update your preferences in your profile from the AlgoMe portal.

How do your matching algorithms work?
Our proprietary algorithms compare all the information you enter into your profile against a detailed analysis of the requirements of each role. Where appropriate this is supported by manual validation and screening by experienced members of the AlgoMe team to ensure that you are only matched for the most suitable roles.
When do employers see my profile?
Data privacy is of paramount importance to AlgoMe and you are always in control of your data.

Your profile is not visible to any member or company until you choose to accept a match. At this point your profile is shared with the hiring manager who will decide whether to accept the match and progress you to interviews.

Can I accept multiple job matches?
Accepting a match does not stop you from pursuing other opportunities on the platform. When you or a company accept a match this is non-binding and does not imply a commitment on either party.
Why am I not getting any job matches?
The more data you put into your profile, the more likely you are to receive good job matches. You can review and update your profile at any time from your dashboard on the AlgoMe portal.

You should also ensure that you have told us the types of jobs you are interested in via the Aspirations link on the dashboard – we only propose jobs to members that have indicated they are interested in them.

We are constantly working with leading companies to bring more job opportunities to the AlgoMe community, so it may be that the right role has not yet come up. We only match you for the most appropriate roles that are suitable for your skills and career aspirations and new matches are made on a daily basis.