FAQ for professionals


How does mentoring work on AlgoMe?

With AlgoMe Careers you have the opportunity to become a professional mentor and a mentee, both of which can be valuable tools to manage and build you career, as well as to develop your own professional network.

Using the information entered on your profile and your preference of being a mentor or mentee, our algorithms will match you with other members with similar professional interests and an appropriate level of experience.

Once both you and the other member have accepted a mentoring match, you will be given advice on how to get the most out of the relationship and will be able to contact each other through AlgoMail (our internal messaging system), or by email, phone or in person should you chose to share your details.

Can my mentor/mentee see my profile?
No – in the interests of data privacy AlgoMe does not share your full profile when you accept a mentoring match. The information that you share is completely at your own discretion.
Can I have multiple mentoring relationships?
Yes – AlgoMe does not place a limit on the amount of mentoring relationships you can have at one time, and you can be both a mentor and a mentee simultaneously. However, to get the most out of each relationship many people find that having no more than 3 at any one time is a good idea.
What can I expect from my mentor?
Most successful people credit having good mentors as a key factor in their success. Mentors can provide insights and guidance to allow you to better target your career goals.

As mentoring is an informal arrangement with no specific obligations, it is down to both the mentor and mentee to agree how to make it most beneficial, and both members should be considerate of the time and effort each is prepared to commit. Once matched AlgoMe will provide advice on how best to develop and sustain the relationship with your mentor.

What do mentors have to gain?
Being a mentor can be a valuable tool for members looking to build and refine their coaching and interpersonal skills, as well as an opportunity to connect with individuals at earlier stages of their careers outside of line management and other formal structures, or in different specialisms and companies.


Many of our mentors also value the satisfaction of helping to develop the next generation of talent and being able to pass on the benefit of hard earnt professional experience.

Why am I not getting any mentoring matches?
The more data you put into your profile, the more likely you are to receive good mentoring matches. You can review and update your profile at any time from your dashboard on the AlgoMe portal.

Also make sure that you’ve told us you’re interested to “be a mentor” and/or “receive mentoring” in the Mentoring section of your dashboard – we only propose mentoring matches to members that have indicated they are interested in them.

We are constantly working to grow the AlgoMe community and to encourage more members to engage in mutually beneficial mentoring relationships. We only propose the most appropriate mentoring matches for your skills and career aspirations and new matches are made on a daily basis as the community grows.

How do I cancel a mentoring relationship?
There is no need to formally cancel a mentoring relationship – if a relationship has run its course we suggest that you agree to limit your contact.