How AlgoMe works for companies


In our recent Career Satisfaction Benchmark Survey, we found 55% of professionals will be looking for a new role within the next year. AlgoMe works with companies in the Asset Management, Investment Management and wider Financial Services industry to help them secure the best talent and resource they need by using our intelligent and confidential technology platform. Our research shows professionals take their careers and the companies they work for very seriously. Culture, values and quality of working environment rate among the three most important factors for job satisfaction. While good work life balance (49%), salary and benefits (47%) and flexibility (40%) were the most important features of working life. These elements make good matching between companies and professionals even more important.


According to our research 86% of people feel mentoring is important to their career progression. With this in mind, AlgoMe is able to provide your company with a smart platform for matching professionals with mentors. These might not necessarily be from within your organisation. Mentors are a valuable asset to your professional community providing non-partisan, people centred support.


Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is now essential within every organisation. Companies need to look at alternative options if they are to reach aspirational targets in balancing gender equality. The architecture of the AlgoMe platform has its foundation in skills-based matching thereby broadening the talent pool to professionals in parallel sectors and industries who have the required transferable skillset. This reduces bias and professionals have the ability to indicate preference for flexible arrangements which further broadens the potential talent pool to ‘returners’ or people with portfolio type careers.

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