How AlgoMe works for professionals


AlgoMe partners with leading companies across the Asset Management, Investment Management and FinTech industries to offer members exciting job opportunities.

After setting up your profile with your work experience, skills and aspirations, our algorithms will search our database of jobs for suitable matches. There are no job boards to scroll through and you will only be shown roles that are in-line with your career aspirations.

Only once you have accepted a match will your details will be passed to the hiring manager – if they also accept the match you will be put in touch to arrange an interview. You control how and when your profile data is released.

There are no recruitment agents and no obligation, and we make the process as transparent as possible.


Most successful people credit having good mentors as a key factor in their success. Even if you are in the perfect job, sometimes you need independent advice and guidance; we can help you find this.

As an AlgoMe member you can become both a mentor and a mentee and our algorithms will match you to other industry professionals with relevant skills, experience and aspirations.

Your details are only shared with your mentor/mentee after you have both accepted a match, at which point you can chat over AlgoMail (our internal messaging service) or arrange to meet in person.

A mentoring relationship is also a great way to extend your professional network outside of your immediate professional circles, and, as a mentor, is a rewarding way to give back to the community.


Building a trusted and relevant professional network is a time-consuming process. By becoming part of the AlgoMe community we give you access to a network of other industry professionals with skills and experience relevant to your career.

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